Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spell My Name Mom

As my four year old and three year old adventure into preschool. Their little minds have taken flight to letters and numbers and what they look like together as they make words. Often they bring me a pen and paper or their little magna doodles, as they hand it to me they say spell my name mom! As I make the letters with the pen I say the letters out loud. Their eyes light up with delight as they see the letters come together to make their special name.
There are several things you can do to encourage your child to learn how to spell their name on their own.
There are many websites that you can search to find traceable name papers. The one I use the most is http://www.kidzone.ws/tracers/index.htm. Once I have made my name pages I laminate them. So you only have to make one so there isn't any waste in paper. Once laminated the child or children can use washable markers to trace their names.

For the younger children you may just want to start with the first letter of their name and then slowly work in putting more together. I also use other identifiers for their names such as my oldest name is Jakeb. I tell him his name starts with a J or a fish hook. His name also starts with the same letter as the words Jacket, Jump, Jet, etc.

These are just a few helpful hints I have learned along the way.

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