Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winter Frinzy

BRRRR its cold outside. The wind is blowing in the cold snow. The snow is piling high as the kids gather around the windows watching flake by flake as the chance of their outdoor adventure is canceled.
As stay at home moms most of us understand that winter and rainy days are hard on kids that are very hyper active and love being outside.
We can keep them busy with fun activities.
marshmallows are always tons of fun they can be used to paint with or be painted on. As well as a good snack while having fun. just don't eat the ones you use in paint. Marshmallow come in lots of sizes and even smells and taste. Which helps keep smaller children interested in the project.
Get some small paper plates, a bowl of misc marshmallow, Elmer's glue(or any glue), paints(preferably washable) and construction paper oh and paint brushes!

One can use the marshmallow to put in the paint and press down to make shapes or smear them across to make designs. They can glue or put paint on the bottom of the marshmallow and place them on the paper to build forts or igloos. Once the paint dries it usually holds the marshmallow to the paper or to the other marshmallow.

Place a little paint or glue on the bottom of a marshmallow's and place it on the paper, grab a second marshmallow, paint the bottom of that one and place the painted part on the first marshmallow. Find a smaller marshmallow for the third part and paint the bottom then place it on the top of the second marshmallow. use a small paint brush to draw his face.

If you don't have marshmallows you can use cotton balls and Q-tips. The cotton balls are a little harder to keep together if you build forts or other objects out of them. Let your children use their imaginations.
For fun affects you can put glitter in the paint.

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