Monday, September 28, 2009

How old tell you start chores!

To many families the question to when is the appropriate age for young child(ren) to start taking the responsibilities of chores.

If one really sits and thinks about chores and what they are, it all boils down to its ones responsibilities. Once a child learns how to do day to day task on their own, then that becomes their chore. Chores should be age appropriate and not over whelming

I have three children aging from a little over 4 1/2 to 1 years of age. My 4 year old has 8 chores where as my 1 year old has 3 and the child in between those two have 5 maybe 6.
One may ask, what chores can a 1 year old do? She is expected to put her shoes in their rightful place, she picks up her toys (yes she gets help but she still has to do it) and she uses a wipe or wash cloth to wash off her high chair after each meal. This gives her not only the sense of responsibility but also the sense of being helpful. She doesn't see it as work!

Using chore charts and small rewards is very helpful for older children. To see that they have succeeded in accomplishing a goal or a task. Allowing them to put the stickers on or filling in the boxes with crayons or markers helps them understand accomplishment. I suggest lamenting the chore charts and then using washable markers on the sheet then you can wash it and start over each week.

I suggest doing a choir chart that is weekly. It shows a long time goal yet it also shows a daily goal. Monthly chore charts I personally would only use with children 10 and up. As most would guess as the child gets older and becomes more responsible a new chore chart may need to be made with more chores and the rewards being bigger.

Starting chores early in life will help when a child becomes a junior high student and is asked to do something to help out around the house. If they already know that they are expected to help out with chores around the house. I believe you will have less of a hassle. We all know that once you reach the age of 12, you become rebellious and questioning of others authority. When children know what is being asked of them and that in the end they are rewarded for their good behavior. They seem more willing to be helpful.

Below are several websites that have helpful charts and other fun activities for children. You can also google chore charts and it can direct you to many other links as well.'_Chore_Charts

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