Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Staying active as a stay at home mom

As cooler weather enters our world and soon winter will be upon us, most of us go into hibernation. For some of us that means extra pounds and less activity. This doesn't have to be!

As a middle age mom of three small children, I have found so many good ideas to enjoy my children and to get my blood pumping and getting my heart rate up.

Here's a few ideas to have some fun and enjoy lots of laughter.
Using waxed paper on the bottom of shoes or socks. Step on the wax paper and use them as ice skates on your carpet.
Nose push- get several balls of different sizes and use your nose to push them across the floor and see who can go the fastest or slowest!
Something fun yet messy- making chocolate and vanilla pudding then allowing the kids to get in their swim suits and paint your bath tub and shower with the pudding they can eat it and its not harmful! then you just shower them and the tub off!

These are just three of my children's favorite things to do.
More to come!

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