Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yep its cold

Wow! The last week has really taken a tole on us outdoor loving people. As the late Septemeber comes so does the cool weather. We have been stuck inside most of our days and what time we spend outside is filled with jackets and sniffly noses.

The last week has been very cloudy. Has sprinkled most everyday. We have done a few acivities inside. We are working on the basement and making it a more friendly place for adults and the upstairs a more kid friendly place.
Moving boxes and totes from under the basement stairs is a big job but it is well worth it. soon things will be cleared out and organization will be in affect! Or at least thats my hopes!

These cold days have really put a damper on our jeeping at the river adventures. Hoping it warms up some soon so we can go for one last adventure to the river! Before the snow falls!

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